The Muslim Unity Center has stated in the Planning Commission meetings that the total occupancy is 498, yet when looking at the detailed plan submitted, the number when added up is double that, 978. The occupancy load chart from the MUC states, "two or more occupancy uses shall not be concurrent". The request for additional parking is driven by non-worship uses increasing traffic through our neighborhood, in some cases beyond midnight. The banquet facility (332 occupants), reflects the largest occupancy. The cafe/restaurant was stated to be open to the public during worship, (Planning Commission Meeting Minutes 8/18/14, page 4) is not even listed. Combined with the recently expanded Children's Academy/Daycare and advertised exercise programs, the MUC's multiple concurrent uses requires the Board to look beyond this request, insuring there will be no future expansion.

** 2 or More Different Occupancy Uses SHALL NOT be concurrent.


•• Banquet Occupancy Load is Controlling Factor: 352 Occupants

* Latest Occupany Figures --- Double the "498" Quoted

Muslim Unity Center
Traffic Havoc

There is so much banquet activity, the Center has a designated Banquet Manager.

Imagine how your quiet neighborhood would be transformed with the operation of a banquet center that services 750 people for any type of event and advertises flexible hours.

No reprieve for residents—in addition to the rentals of the Banquet Hall, the Mosque offers regular events in the Banquet Hall for members.

This is a web posting advertising upcoming dinner events for members.

This event BEGINS at 8:40pm in the evening. By the time it ends, the cars can clog the neighborhoods well past 10:30 or 11pm.

In addition to the Banquet Hall, there is a cafe, open to the public, with a menu of items available for purchase.

The Real Occupancy and what's driving the need for more parking spaces.