The Special Land Use Agreement which allowed the Muslim Unity Center to operate in a densely residential neighborhood.

ORIGINAL AGREEMENT - Special Land Use Permit

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When the Muslim Unity Center approached the township with the intent to purchase and establish the center at the closed Irving Elementary School location, residents were concerned that the activity of the Center would change the neighborhood. Before it closed, Irving Elementary would have at most, a few dozen cars on the property and by 4:00 pm, most activity at the school had ended. After several months of negotiations, the township had reached an agreement with the purchasers of the property and the surrounding neighborhoods. This agreement, known as the Special Land Use Agreement, included clauses which were designed to contain the Muslim Unity Center's growth while putting to rest residents' concerns about noise, traffic and safety. In the years to follow, it became apparent that the agreement was a meaningless document.


As early as 1997, the Muslim Unity Center began violating the agreement while the previous Board of Trustees shirked its responsibility of enforcement.

See the detailed documented history here.

The Violations of Agreement


In violation of its agreement, today, there are 200 parking spaces with a new request to add 94 more, a 47% increase.


The parking and occupancy will be THREE TIMES what the original agreement allowed for.


It appears to us that the township has ignored the conditions of the Special Land Use Agreement.


With a recent unapproved increase in daycare capacity the play area does not meet the size requirements of the township ordinance.


The Center advertises and offers all day daycare, Montessori classes and an international academy.


In 2000, the Muslim Unity Center misled the Board of Trustees adding not just an addition to the worship area, but a large multipurpose banquet room in the basement and converted a children's room into a restaurant (Unity Tree Cafe)



Offers and advertises its on-site banquet services.

Restaurant open to the public.


Variances were skirted by the Muslim Unity Center until 2014 when the Zoning Board of Appeals granted a parking variance which was challenged by the residents in court.


Assurances made to concerned residents about potential traffic problems with Muslim Center opening in residential neighborhood.

The increase in traffic as a result of the activities, restaurant and Banquet Hall have transformed the neighborhood into a busy commercial hub. Assurances were proven to be hollow.

...Responding to concern about traffic he defined their (the Mosque's) proposed uses, explaining the traffic impact should be negligible....Maximum capacity is 300 people and 100 cars...


This would be less than 2% increase in traffic in a 24 hour period and no increase during peak traffic times."


"Day care will be just during services and not a full time activity."


"Daily use is anticipated to be negligible."


Due to the number of course offerings, classes, dinners, clubs and fitness classes, traffic volume has quadrupled for the neighhood.


The Center advertises and offers all day daycare, montessori classes and an international academy.


Traffic control is required due to the volume of vehicles on Square Lake during Ramadan. Spaces have grown to over 200 with a pending request for an additional 94 spaces.


Center operates and advertises a Banquet Hall that seats 750.

Fitness classes, clubs and classes on top of activity in Banquet Hall and Restaurant/Cafe.





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• No building expansion


• No receptions


• No daycare


Muslim Unity Center
Traffic Havoc