Muslim Unity Center Traffic Havoc

When rules are ignored, conflict ensues.

We are saddened that the issue has risen to this level. But when one neighbor is given a pass to ignore the rules that the other neighbors have to live by in Bloomfield Township, this outcome is inevitable.


Bloomfield Township seemingly looked the other way or ignored the terms of the Special Land Use Agreement that came with the residential property on which the Muslim Unity Center sits. This agreement was intended to be enforced over the long term and was to serve as a promise to the residents that growth and expansion would be controlled in the residential neighborhood. The Muslim Unity Center was welcomed into the community as neighbors.


Over several years, residents conveyed concerns to the township about the unfettered development and and amount of activity (A 750 person banquet hall & a public restaurant). Our concerns were ignored or dismissed by the Township in favor of allowing the violations to the terms of the Special Land Use to continue.


Instead of anticipating and acting to prevent this inevitable outcome of conflict, some township leaders would prefer to attribute our factual website to intolerance and apply opinion and speculation about our motivations for bringing this to the Board's attention in a website. These facts speak for themselves. Anything other than addressing the Muslim Unity Center's continuous expansion and the resulting traffic in our residential neighborhood is obfuscation. The township's avoidance of these issues is what brought us to this.


Both residents and the Muslim Unity Center wish to live in harmony. If the rules were followed as they were designed to be, we wouldn't have conflict. It is our view that someone was reprehensibly negligent in enforcement of those rules.

Muslim Unity Center
Traffic Havoc

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