Muslim Unity Center
Traffic Havoc

History of Broken Promises:

The extent to which the original agreement that allowed for the establishment of the Muslim Unity Center has been violated and broken is illustrated below. Will the Board of Trustees and elected officials step up and use the power they have with the Zoning Enabling Act to enforce the legal agreements and Special Land Use Conditions that run with the property?

The Original Agreement

Today - In Violation of the Original Agreement Made to Residents

Maximum Occupancy is 300 people and 100 Cars

Prayer Services - Limited to Friday Afternoons

with occasional Sunday services.

No variance requests

(Requests for expansion, construction, etc.)

No Expansion of the Building


No day care or pre-school

Sole purpose is a House of Worship Only.

Use as a school prohibited.

No banquets or receptions on site.

Unity Center has stated in Public Meetings the maximum occupancy is 498 even though the occupancy data submitted  reflects close to 1,000 with Banquet Center being the largest occupancy area. Current parking is 200 vehicles with request to grow to 294.

Services start as early as 4:00 am and as late as 11:00 pm. on a daily basis.

Image from MUC website listing

daily service times.

Variances avoided but required with the 2000 Building expansion and 2007 Parking expansion and lighting.


Variances granted in 2014 to expand parking

Building was expanded in 2000. No mention of the addition of a
Banquet Hall expansion added at that time nor no mention that a Children's Room would be converted to a Restaurant open to the Public.

Offers day care, summer camps, pre-school classes

Social activities comprise majority of activity.

Restaurant open to the public

Advertised to public to accommodate  750 people...Banquets largest driver of occupancy

Mosque advertises their banquet services for any and all occasions—birthdays, special events, get togethers.