Muslim Unity Center Traffic Havoc

The compromise which allowed for the expansion of the MUC parking lot was balanced with the stipulation that there would be no further expansion of the facility. Is this the "clouding" that the MUC is referring to? We believe that the MUC will continue to push for the expansion of their facility by 81%!

Muslim Unity Center
Traffic Havoc

The residents whose homes border the Muslim Unity Center have long realized that the MUC has little concern for their quality of life with regard to the number of cars which inundate our neighborhoods.


The MUC has transformed a once quiet residential neighborhood with a 750 person banquet center, a restaurant, a workout facility complete with showers

and a schedule for members which translates into a facility that operates nearly 24 hours a day.


Within days of being granted additional parking, the MUC ran a membership drive to expand their roster of memberships. More cars, more noise. In our opinion, they have demonstrated ZERO concern for  "goodwill" with any its neighbors.


It is clear that they have outgrown their location and appear not to care what impact that growth has on the neighborhood and its surrounding natural habitat.

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